Free iPhone Music Download For All You Romantics

14 Nov

Free music, free apps and lotsa love? Again we have a viral love-video made using iPhone apps. This one is a beauty  and has gotten over a million views in month since it was posted:


Now, we know you are all going to want to do your own romantic love video, so we thought you would all want to know which iPhone apps were used in the making.

First up, the skywriting was done with the Swakker skywriter app. (Side story: the viral promo for Swakker has been so good that the developer  is gonna give the happy couple free plane tickets to Hawaii for their honeymoon as a thank you to Chad!). The Swakker app is free.

Then there is the 3d drum kit which is also a free iPhone download. We have recommended this app in a previous post. This is used to play some of the beat for the song “Addicted to You” along with the – Nlog  Free Synth– a cool free synthesizer that makes a pretty good sound, don’t you agree?

Also recommended in a previous iPhonegizmo post, is the love calc – an essential guide for all romantics!

We could not find the Tetris app used in the video (side story: we suspect it may be an app called Tris that was forced out of the app store by the Tetris Company).

Chad WAS also offering his song – “Addicted to You” – as a free MP3 download but it must have been sufficiently popular for him to turn it into a pay-for song in the  iTunes store. 🙁  He is still offering A free song, but it does not really have the same appeal as the one from his video. Still, we can’t blame him for taking advantage of his windfall – kinda guess he did not expect to get an audience of over a million!

If you decide to have a go of making your own romantic video from iPhone apps, then let us know and if we like it, we will post it here to help it on its viral way!