Free iPhone Software You Gonna Wanna Have

3 Mar

The iPhonegizmo team have been at it again. Scouring the internet for great free iPhone downloads for you. Our latest collection of goodies is superb – and a bit different!

We put together the four free iPhone downloads that appealed to us – from those that have either been recently released or are among the most popular free iPhone software ever downloaded. Speed Test

1) Cool iPhone speed test  A quick and easy way to check the speed of the internet connection you have on your iPhone. Quite handy – and free.

2)  Project Noah We just love any software that requires world-wide co-operation to bring about some transformational result built on small individual efforts that, combined, makes a massive difference. So we had to include this software. The project is in the beginning phases, but has already spread across the globe. It is simple but powerful. Check it out!

Free iPhone Software - ProjectNoah

The free Project Noah App allows people from around the globe to input locally taken pics (using the iPhone camera) of local wildlife. The idea behind the software is this:

Noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. 

Free iPhone Software - ProjectNoah

Noah allows us to discover and document local wildlife. The Project has numerous projects (missions) that we can become involved with. It is even possible to work with research groups and organizations to help gather data. Missions can range from “photographing specific frogs or flowers to tracking migrating birds or invasive species”.

Free iPhone Software - ProjectNoah

Obviously this screams “kids project” – If you are game to let your kids loose in the “wilds” with your iPhone! Of course, increasing numbers of schools have iPod Touches for their students to use. So this free software could be perfect for school projects.

Don’t get me wrong! This app can also be just for fun.

AND  Project Noah app is definitely for adults as well (as the photo of the Leopard above shows). In fact it provides a fantastic opportunity for the urban naturalists, the amateur environmentalists, naturalist photographers and enthusiastic world travelers (to name a few) all to participate in world wide research – and share their love of nature and photography with a world wide audience..

3) CopyTrans Manager. This free software allows users to manage their iPhone media without iTunes. Yes, we thought that would interest you! According to the CopyTrans people, we can

Add songs to …. iPhone without iTunes: drag and drop songs and videos to … iPhone; synchronize…  instantly;

4) Make Free custom Ringtones for iphone – Well this is not really software for downloading. But we decided to include it anyway, because most people spend a small fortune on ringtones when they can make their own – custom ringtones – for free very easily simply using iTunes and the music you have stored there. This smart article will take you through each step.

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