Free iPhone – Twelve Great Ways To Get One!

4 Apr

iPhoneGizmo decided to go on the hunt for genuine ways to get a free iphone. Now, there is “no such thing as a free lunch” – so there is always some work to be done – sign up for a trial, review something, design something….So if you are creative, have some spare time or even enjoy playing games here is a list of sites that offer a legit chance of winning an iPhone:

win a free iphone

(These sites require that you give your own name, address, phone number and email for a chance to win an iphone:

(1)Onecomare also requires that you answer two easy questions for a chance to win an iphone.(UK only),
(2)This student loan site also requires that you answer a few questions and you are entered with a chance to win an iphone (US only)!
(3) Computerarts just wants the answer to one question to enter for a chance to win an iphone and
(4) Telecom has a free iphone contest going for anyone who creates a free jobseeker account!



If you are a talented designer then these two competitions may be your way to get a free iPhone.
(5)Wiredscience requires participant to submit a video, ad or T-shirt design for a chance to win $2500 or an iPhone.
(6)There is also the International Poster DesignCompetition by iStockPhoto and U Printing – began March 1st – so better hurry for this one!


‘PROMOTE ME’ contests:

(7)Author Kim Harrison has a free iphone contest going for Myspace-ers who put his promotional “Make Friends with Kim Harrison” widget on their site and
(8)MichaelPage will give you a free iPhone if you refer someone you know to them and they place them in a temporary or permanent job (better check with your friend first!)
Get the most people to visit LitPitch before April 18th and win an iPhone

‘REVIEW ME’ contest

And then there are the sites that reward your review with a chance to win an iphone.

(10)Take the European Digital Library survey tour and win a free iPhone! If you are interested in the arts then you may find the review interesting. At the end you get to fill out a review questionnaire
(11)Write a blog post review and be one of 400 in the draw to win an iPhone

‘PLAY AND WIN’ contest

And then there are our favorite type of contests – we get to play a game AND get the chance to win an iPhone!

(12)In the In-Cosmetics game the top 50 scorers get to win a prize of choice – including an iPhone

win a free iphone