Great iPhone downloads…but wait…. there’s something wrong!

29 Feb

What problem do these  high end fashion sites have in common?

Go on… take a peek and see if you can work it out? (just click on the images)




Gorgeous products that are too expensive for our budget?

High end fashion that is too high for the ordinary guy or gal?

Somethings we all drool over but cannot buy?

hmmm … Getting warmer!!

But Nope!

What they have in common – is a serious and regrettable – problem.

Have you worked it out? C’mon, don’t cheat – go take a look (and anyway these sites do have gorgeous stuff)

Worked it out?

Well if you saw anything you wanted to buy you would quickly find out what the problem is…

And that is that we cannot buy any of these products easily by iPhone!!

Of sure, we can use our credit card – but there is no real advantage in that – we can do that from our laptop.

Why hasn’t  AT&T, T-Mobile,  BT, etc setup an iphone-based payment system where we can charge our purchases to our phone bill? Millions of people in India do just that!

Ever since the iphone was launched I have been waiting for this to be setup. What is the hold up guys?

(But see the news about the new Cisco deal with 7 carriers aimed at allowing iPhones to switch easily, securely and automatically between cellular and WiFi networks – that’s something, I s’pose. )