iBooks tops the million downloads mark!

19 Mar

If you are a keen reader but have not yet trialed the iBook store then maybe the fact that Random house has jumped on the iBook distribution wagon might get you to think about checking the iBook store out.

At the recent Apple event, Jobs ventured back from medical leave to deliver a host of impressive stats about Apple successes (as he usually does if he can) over the last year. This included the impressive results from the iBook store – due in no small part to the iPad, no doubt!

ibooks on iPhone

In fact, Jobs announced that in less than a year, there have been one million books downloaded from the iBook store. This is gob-smacking and a real testament to the Apple platform.

Jobs also announced that Random House have joined the more than 1500 publishers that now distribute books through the iBook store.

ibooks on iPhone

And was the last of the big 6 publishes to distribute through iBook store.  Random House will be adding some 17,000 new titles to the iBook selection – so that is a pretty exciting update for the iBook store.

BTW – there are plenty of free books to grab from the iBook store as well with books from authors like: Lewis Carol, Charles Darwin, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Scott fitzgerald, Freud, Ghandi, James Joyce,  Rudyard Kipling, and even A. A. Milne …..

iBooks for iphone

I am in for Winnie, how about you?