iphone Apps for Severe Weather Warnings

11 Mar

With the horrifying disaster of earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan yesterday we have yet another reminder of the power of nature to dominate and terminate human affairs. But it is also clear that the better the warning we have, the more chance we have of sidestepping nature’s brutal fist.

What better time then to be aware of the iPhone apps that have been provided by services such as  The Weather Channel and Accuweather.com that provide severe weather alerts so that we can be warned and prepared as much as possible. Currently both sites provided warnings about the impact of the tsunami on USA. For example, both sites provided information about the arrival time along the West Coast:

Both sites have free apps for iPhone – Accuweather for the iPhone and The Weather Channel for the iPhone. 
With the recent earthquake in New Zealand and now this huge one in Japan we can be excused for wondering if the next one is going to be along our own West Coast!