New Free iPhone App for Wine Lovers and would-be Connoisseurs

26 Jan

Another recently released iPhone app that we consider news worthy is the Vivino app that has some pretty cool features. Firstly it is built with “recognition software” that allows us to use the iphone camera to photograph the wine label on the bottle and then send the image¬† to the Vivino data base. Second, the image is then checked against some hundreds of thousand wine labels stored in the Vivino database.


If the wine is in the database (1 in 3 chance at time of app release – and growing daily) then it will show on the screen with any ratings given by other users. With a simple click, we can add the wine to our own personal list along with our own rating for a permanent record of wines that we love or hate!

We can also, depending on our passion for wines,  add wines to the Vivino database in a collaborative effort to get every wine in the world listed there!