Oldies But Goodies – Free iPhone Games

3 Feb

In February two years ago we did a review of free iPhone games available at that time (can you believe it, the number of iPhone games had just reached 1000!!) We paid particular attention to the free games listed in the top ten in iTunes. We found that the ones listed in iTunes may have had a lot of downloads but often had poor ratings. In fact the iPhonegizmo team concluded at that time that most free games were a waste of time to download.

However, we did find several that were ranked well by users:

Top Free iPhoneGames (rated by users as 3.5 stars or better):

Bounce On Lite free iPhone game

1) iShoot Lite – 4 stars (Released Dec 08 );
2) Galcon lite 3.5 stars (Released Sep 08);
3) Bounce On Lite – 3.5 stars (Released Jan 09);
4) Fastlane Street Racing Lite – 3.5 stars (Released Jan 09),
5) Downhill Bowling Lite 3.5 stars (Released Feb 09);
6) Trace – 3.5 stars (US) (Released Oct 08)
7) Tap Defence – 3.5 stars (US) (Released Nov 08)

These games are still free, still have the same (or better) ratings and most have been updated since Dec 2010.

And just to add a more current flavor – if you haven’t already got it- go try “Cut the Rope”  – it is one of the best free games out there.