The Ultimate Tribute for Steve Jobs!

21 Dec

In a tribute based in both gratitude and admiration Hungarian businessman Gabor Bojar has just unveiled a bronze  statue made as a tribute to Steve Jobs.  This is a way of honoring someone that is more suited to the old world – where statuary is a well established way to remember people that are highly esteemed.

It is less likely that we will see this type of tribute in the US -maybe a modern abstract painting? Or a building or bridge (or few)  named  after him?

However, as you Google for pictures or even videos of the statue you will likely come up fairly empty handed! One video of the unveiling shows ONLY the covered statue. It appears that the unveiling is a money earning event with images and videos available only for a price! Techcrunch, for example, have only managed to get a pic of the lower part of the statue!

The above video is great background to the statue –  and for a good pic of the finished statue, check out this Yahoo News link.