Who Wants To Make Free iPhone Calls?

7 Mar

Interested in making free calls from your iPhone, free chats, and sending free messages (and even files) from your iPhone?

Well, you’d be crazy to say “no”!

Which is why, when the people at Nimbuzz contacted us, we were excited to pass on their hot details to our readers. The software is free and the free service they provides is fantastic. And with a new users signing up every 2 seconds, we are clearly not alone on thinking this. In fact, Nimbuzz tells us they now have over 16 million registered users.

But so what, right? What we need to know is “Who can we call for free”? Well, all you have to do to make sure that you can get everyone you want to call or chat or message for free – is get them to put the free software on their mobile! Nothing spreads faster than good news, so if you want to be the first to let your friends in on this great service, you better be quick. But first, check out all the neat benefits of getting the free app – which are demo-ed in the following video:


By the way, Nimbuzz also supports Skype, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, etc. They also:

* Have a Live Contact Lists – which puts all our phone & social network contacts in one place, so we can see who’s doing what right now!
* Give us free ‘Push Notification’ alerts and/or Inbox messages – for when a friend is trying to make contact when we’re offline
*Let us personalize our account with profiles and avatar pics, if we want.

So – just send this post to all the friends you want to make free mobile calls to by using the “share” button, below!!