Would You Like 200 Free iPhone Music Downloads from iTunes??

14 May

Or perhaps you have been hankering to get some iPhone accessories that just seem a mite too expensive to buy – like the cables that will hook you up so that you can watch iPhone movies on TV?

Or perhaps you have been drooling over the new iPads? or would love a 13″ Mackbook Pro? All are up for grabs in the “Win An Apple a Day” retweet contest announced just three hours ago on DealsPl.us.

Every day for the next week Dealspl.us will be giiving a way (in random order) a $25 iTunes card, an iPod Nano, an iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, iPod 3GS, a 16GB iPad, and the 13″ MacBook Pro.

So where are the free 200 iPhone music downloads from iTunes? Well, the small print in the contest says:

  1. iPhone 3GS winners will receive an Apple giftcard in the amount of $199.
  2. MacBook Pro winners will receive an Apple giftcard in the amount of $1,199.

Which means you have a choice about how you spend that giftcard! So, how many iPhone Music downloads can be got for $199? That’s right – over 200 (depending on whether you buy singles or albums).

Just click the link to get the details of how to enter this Twitter-based contest. If you already have a twitter account, then one click is all it takes to enter the contest! It doesn’t get better than this.